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Night Falls Swiftly

Book 6 in the Cerulean Bay Series

In the latest story from Cerulean Bay:


Tucker Trask has been a nomad all his life. After he retires from a life on the road as a musician, he finds himself in the little coastal village of Cerulean Bay, where is befriended by an old lighthouse keeper, a disabled boy, and a woman returning to her hometown to try and find her life again after the death of her husband. Tucker doesn't think he's been running from anyone or anything ... until his ast catches up with him. That's not the last of Tucker's problems, however. When a town troublemaker threatens to end his pass for playing piano, Tucker is forced to look at life from a new perspective.


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My Books

I am thrilled to be able to offer you my books, as writing has been my number one passion all of my life. I have had myriad experiences in my life, as I'm sure you have. It's from those experiences and the people who have passed in and out of my life who have inspired me to create characters that are multi-faceted, complex and real. No one wears a white hat or a black hat... we all wear hats that are shades of gray.

My closet is filled with unpublished manuscripts from when I was writing as a young single mother of three boys, a corporate worker, a bar owner, a tea shop owner, a lonely woman, a stepmother, a divorced woman, a widow and a happily married woman-- not all at the same time, of course. It wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to get serious with my writing and get something published. I now have a dozen books published on Kindle. 

My Cerulean Bay series is about the lives of people in a small northwest coastal fishing village. I recently published the 6th book in this series, Night Falls Swiftly. Each book stands alone, but the lives of these characters are a continuum, so I suggest beginning with the first one, Three Lights Over Cerulean Bay.

The Bear Falls series takes readers to a mountain community in southern Washington where mystery seems to be a familiar guest at The Old Mill Inn, book one in the series. There are five books in this series. 

I grew up around people from the south, warm and funny people, who inspired (but are not in) my book called Meanwhile I Keep Dancing. I love humor and the quirky situations that befall our lives, so Relatives & Other Skeletons In My Closet will hopefully keep you laughing, as well.

Thank you for reading my books. Reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures. I hope my books will give you that joy, as wel

These e-Books are formatted for any device with a free Amazon Kindle app. Read on your Kindle, phone, iPad or PC.


Take a look at the synopsis of each book. I hope you'll enjoy them. You can find them all on my Author's Page on Amazon. 

No Hell Below Us ~ Book 5 Bear Falls Series

What begins as an attempt to cool off on a hot summer night with a few drinks at the local watering hole finds Frank Lincoln in hot water after an out of towner, Scott Boone is found dead with Frank's knife nearby. Chief Fiona Rivers also finds herself in perhaps that same hot water as she tries to help Frank.


Meantime, Frank has been hired by Velvet Johnson to untangle a secret from her past. In his investigation, he may have found the key to keeping himself from a long stay behind bars.


In this last of the Bear Falls Series, we tie up some loose ends while trying to keep Frank from tying the noose around his own neck.

Lonely Rivers Flow ~ Book 5 Cerulean Bay Series

Julia has returned to her hometown of Cerulean Bay after a dreadful failed marriage to her college sweetheart.  Hoping to start over, she has been hired as manager of the Bay Hotel. Upon meeting her new boss, she immediately wonders if she's made the right decision.  


As she reconnects with an old friend, she begins to meet some of the newer citizens of this quaint seaside village. She soon realizes she's not the only one trying to start over.  


Life is never exactly as we plan it, but if we're paitent, we can usually find the gift, even in the speed bumps along the way.


Three Lights Over Cerulean Bay ~ Book 1

Abby has run away from home, from  a cheating husband, the loss of a child, a sister's betrayal and years of insecurities.


By following a route on an old road atlas, she ends up in the seaside village of Cerulean Bay where she encounters two people who are running from their past, as well.


Gabriel, homeless and destitute, can't esape his grief, while Beck is mired in guilt.


Though tormented with their own troubles, they find solace as they help each other see their lives are worth living.

Cameo Moon Over Cerulean Bay ~ Book 2

Captain Joe Coulter finds comfort in the jazz coming from his old turntable as the rocking of his fishing boat i the harbor lulls him out of his bittersweet memories. But someone is watching, waiting to cause him trouble.


Another troublemaker has come to cause problems for Meg. When he hadn't contacted her in years, why does her uncle want to make it up to her now?


Abby and Beck have both moved on with their lives, but sometimes those who should love us just want to use us.


Keeper of the Beacon ~ Book 3

Jordan James has retired as manager of the Cerulean Bay Bank to fulfill his passion for Persephone Point Lighthouse. In his role of keepr of the lighthouse, he discovers a woman who has been shipwrecked on the rocks below the lighthouse. What is her connection to Cerulean Bay? Has she come to wreak havoc in the lives of Joe "Cappy" Coulter and Martine Paschal, or is that just whipped cream on the cake for this lost soul?


Abby finds love where she leasts expects it, while others are trying to avoid love at all cost.


Beck Smith becomes more involved in the lives of Clarice and Kelly Wilson than he could have ever imagined. 


Just Filling Space ~ Book 4

It's rare that anyone's life turns out the way they planned. Dreams and fantasies rarely come to fruition. Margo is at the crossroads of her life. She's been there before, always with a new dream. This time, she feels like she's just filling space.


Is it time for her to let go of her dream for happily ever after?


Perhaps it's time to comes to terms with the past and accept that more times than not, the fantasy doesn't exist.


Bear Falls Series

A little intrigue follows the citizens of this mountain town.

The Old Mill  ~ Book 1

Edie and Marty Smith arrive in Bear Falls where they have purchased an old grist mill to turn it into and inn. They're unaware that the mill has a tragic history and, according to local folklore, is haunted.


The towns people are sure there's a curse on the place and expect that just like those who tried to purchase the place before them, Edie and Marty won't stay long.


Their neighbors the Johnsons have their own drama going on when Reynard gets a surprise from his past.


A Table in the Corner ~ Book 2 

Winnie Barlow steps out of her comfort zone to take a vacation by herself, a week at the Old Mill Inn.  While at the inn, she takes a walk on a cold damp evening and finds a stray dog, wet and shivering. Her leash is dragging behind her as she waits for her owner. Shivering in the shelter of the inn, Winnie takes her and hides her  in her room. But what has happened to her owner?


During all of the excitement, Marty and Edie entertain old friends and the two couples form a partnership while someone is terrorizing the town.



Chasing a Dream & a Grateful Heart ~Book 3

Recovering from an attack by a local thug, Cappy Coulter is impatient while the Smith Coulter Vineyards are being sabotaged by someone. 


A family member disappears and the Coulters are wondering if the two are related.


Frank Lincoln is hired to investigate, but everyone is afraid it's too late for two young teenagers to be saved. During the investigation, Frank is surprised to find an old love from decades ago is living right under his nose. Too much water has run under that bridge, however. He's replaced the love of a woman with the love of a good drink.


Finding a Reason to See ~ Book 4

Frank Lincoln has been obsessed with finding the murderer of the woman whose car he discovered on the highway. It dredges up painful memories of a tragic event in his youth. Will his romantic involvement with Chief Fiona Rivers stand in the way of his job and hers?


The search for the killer is put on hold during a natural disaster, and the sadistic killer has time to plot his next attack.


No one in the town of Bear Falls can understand how the killer has been able to escape over and over


Meantime, Franks just trying to escape his past.


Other Books by Linda J. French

Relatives... and Other Skeletons in My Closet

If Marlene Frasier had known what she would discover when she decided to clean out her deceased mother-in-law's room, she may never have crossed that threshhold. Nearly half her lifetime spent with Morgan has been less than fulfilling, but she dared not to imagine another life. After all, it is what it is... or is it?


This funny and poignant tale of family function and dysfunction will make you examine your only family... or perhaps you may not want to open that closet.




Is there really any such thing as an innocent white lie? For Sandy Shore that little fib turns out to be a lifelong cover-up.


Thirty years after telling that lie, it's turned into a epic drama when she returns to her hometown in June Valley, Louisiana.  But it's time to face the music and, harder to face than the music is Mama, a dyed-in-the-wool, Bible-thmuping Baptist.


Her dear Aunt Virgie, a semi-retired hippy, artist, entrepreneur, bleeding heart liberal is there to get on Mama's last nerve and add comic relief to every situation.


Come join me as we watch the fireworks and see how Sandy dances around the truth tyring to get herself out of a decades-long mess. 


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